God is Watching

This article was posted on the back page of “Forward in Christ” magazine some months ago. It was written by one of our WELS Pastors.  I felt it was very much worth sharing with the viewers of my blog and my facebook friends. Our God is everywhere and knows our deepest secrets.


The Eye of God

The Eye of God

God is Watching
Rev. Andrew Schroer
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Edna Texas

He writes:

Well, it finally happened. I am now officially on Facebook. For those of you who don’t know, Facebook is a social networking site on the Internet where you can let your friends know how you are doing or what you are doing, any time day or night. But, if you set your permissions right, only your friends, that is those whom you invite, can see what you post on your Facebook page. And in the same way, you can only see the pages of your friends who have given you permission.

I’ve noticed something interesting since joining Facebook. Some people forget that they have invited their pastor to see what they are writing. And so, every so often, they will write something they shouldn’t or use bad language. When that happens, I usually write them a little reminder: “You know I am reading this, right?”

One young lady recently wrote me back, “Sorry Pastor: I forgot you were watching.

“I forgot you were watching.” So often in our lives, we forget that God is watching. He is watching when you are sitting in the backseat of your boyfriend’s car. God is watching when you sit alone at your house, drinking yourself unconscious. God is watching as you glare at those images on the computer screen. God is watching.

He sees everything that all of us do. We can’t hide it. We can’t deny it. But, thankfully, we can repent. We can ask God to forgive our secret sins with the confidence that he has forgiven us and always will forgive us because of Jesus.

If you ever saw the movie The Passion of the Christ, you probably grimaced at the violent torments that Jesus suffered on the day he died. He was obeying the plan of his heavenly Father and suffering our punishment. On that cross, God punished his Son for all the sins of all people of all time-including all of our secret sins that we hide from others. God sees them. He knows what we have done. Yet he forgives us because of Jesus.

Present Everywhere

Present Everywhere

God is watching. Remember that the next time you are alone with your boyfriend. Remember that the next time you sit down at your computer. Remember that when you do things you don’t want others to see. God is watching. Hopefully that truth will serve as a helpful reminder as you struggle against your secret sins.

But even more important, I hope that you also find great comfort in that truth. You see, it is a good thing that God is watching, because that means he is watching over you.

When you feel alone or afraid, find peace in the fact that your heavenly Father is an ever-present help in times of trouble. When you are in danger or in doubt, be still and know that your Savior-God is there. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the all-powerful Lord of the universe is watching over you. As an old gospel hymn joyfully confesses, “My constant friend is he: His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me” (Let all the People Praise You – pg. 114). What a wonderful comfort it is to know that God is watching!

I’ll be honest. I am excited that I am on Facebook. If you have a chance, stop by my church’s Facebook page. I would love to add you to our group of friends. But if you have me as your friend on Facebook, don’t forget that I will be watching. Even more important, however, never forget that God is watching!




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