Come to Calvary

The following four verses of the hymn Come to Calvary’s holy Mountain were sung in our worship service today. It pretty much tells the whole story of life, death, and life after death, and the hope that we have in Jesus through His death and resurrection. 
I invite you to come to the cross and drink from the water of life. You will be blessed!
A healing fountain

 Come to Calvary’s holy mountain,

Sinners, ruined by the fall;
Here a pure and healing fountain
flows to you, to me, to all,
In a full, perpetual tide, 
 Opened when our Savior died.
“You shall walk with God in light”
 Come in poverty and  meekness,
Come defiled, without, within;
From infection and uncleanness,
From the leprosy of sin,
Wash your robes and make them white;
You shall walk with God in light.
“Come in sorrow and contrition”

Come in sorrow and contrition, 

Wounded, paralyzed and blind;
Here the guilty, free remission,
Here the troubled, peace may find.
Health this fountain will restore;
He that drinks shall thirst no more.
“He that drinks will thirst no more”

He that drinks shall live forever;

T’is a soul-renewing flood.

God is faithful; God will never
Break his covenant of blood,
Signed when our Redeemer died,
Sealed when he was glorified.
                                    (Christian Worship pg. 106)
“Signed when our Redeemer died”
“Sealed when he was glorified”

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