Come to Jesus!

Come to Jesus!

I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die (John 11:25).

I love music. It warms the soul. I love all aspects of it. I love to sing and play the piano myself, and I also love to hear others sing with all or any kind of accompaniment. Music is a wonderful gift and blessing from our loving and merciful God. It affects the deepest corners of our being.

Music revives memories of past experiences, both good and bad. At times it makes us bubble over with happiness, joy, and laughter making us want to dance, and at other times it makes us sad, bringing tears to our eyes. There is background music to almost all of our life experiences in some way shape or form. The combination of lyrics and musical melody/accompaniment can become a prayer to God, good for the soul.

I downloaded a beautiful song from iTunes recently which really touched my heart and brought me to my knees in thanksgiving for the blessing of knowing Jesus as my brother, my best friend and my God. I had never heard it sung before. The melody was soothing and in combination with the lyrics it spoke to my soul. The name of the song is “Come to Jesus”. It was recorded by Chris Rice on his album; Run the Earth, Watch the Sky. The words of the song are as follows:
“Come to Jesus”
1. Weak and wounded sinner lost and left to die,

Raise your head for love is passing by.

Come to Jesus, come to Jesus, come to Jesus and live!

These words speak to the lives and souls of all people. We are all born not only spiritually “weak and wounded” as the song writer states, but we are spiritually “dead”. We are born dead in sin and can do nothing to save ourselves. Thankfully Jesus did it all for us. Through His perfect life and sacrificial death on the cross all who believe in Him are made fit to stand before a holy God. So don’t despair. Sit up and take notice! Jesus died for all people! He died for you! Raise your head and look to the cross in repentance and faith!  Come to Jesus and live!

2. Now your burden’s lifted and carried far away.

His precious blood has washed away the stain.

So Sing to Jesus, sing to Jesus, sing to Jesus and live!

As a believer in Jesus you are washed in His blood. You are a forgiven child of the almighty God. The burden of sin is lifted from your shoulders and you are free to live for Him and serve Him. So raise your voice in song and rejoice that because of Jesus you have life – not only now, but for eternity! Sing to Jesus and live!

3. Like a newborn baby don’t be afraid to crawl.

Remember when you walk sometimes we fall.

So fall on Jesus, fall on Jesus, fall on Jesus and live!

Life is difficult sometimes. Just like newborn babies learning first how to crawl and then to walk, we are often fearful of the unknown. We hesitate to take that first step because we are afraid we might fall and get hurt. Don’t be afraid! You will fall and get hurt sometimes both physically and emotionally. It is unavoidable because we live in a world tainted by sin. When those times come and you feel the pain of a bad fall – when you are crushed and broken and you feel like you are going to fall on our face – fall on Jesus. He will catch you and raise you up to make you whole again. Fall on Jesus and live!

4. Sometimes the way is lonely, steep and filled with pain,

so if your sky is dark and pours the rain;

then Cry to Jesus, cry to Jesus, cry to Jesus and live!

Sometimes in life we feel alone. The burdens of life weigh us down and cause us to despair. When your life feels sad and dark and it seems that no one really understands or cares what you are going through – turn to Jesus. Cry out to Jesus. Tell Him what you are feeling. When you don’t know what to ask for just cry out His name. He wants you to come to Him. He knows what you need. He will strengthen you and lift you up again. When you are too weak and tired to put one foot in front of the other, He will lift you up in His arms and carry you. Cry to Jesus and live!

5. Oh and when the love spills over and music fills the night;

when you can’t contain your joy inside;

then dance for Jesus, dance for Jesus, dance for Jesus and live!

And when life is wonderful and you feel like singing for joy. When you are so happy the joy spills over into your life and the lives of those around you – don’t forget who gave you the gift of happiness. When you feel like dancing for joy, dance for Jesus. Dance for Jesus and live!

6. With your final heartbeat kiss the world good-bye.

Go in peace and laugh on glory’s side.

Fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus and live!

When you feel the end of your life here on earth is near and the time for God to call you home is close at hand, don’t be afraid. Just relax and know you are in good hands. When the time is right, He will call your name and you will hear the words; well done my good and faithful servant! (Matthew 20:21). You will be able to say good-bye to this life and go in peace to live with God forever in glory. Fly to Jesus and live!

So let God’s word (The Bible) be the guide for your life in good times and in bad. He has all the answers. Through faith in Jesus you belong to God. He loves you and He loves each of us as if we were His only child. He cares about every aspect of your life. When you are sad He is sad also. When you are happy He is smiling. Being a child of God doesn’t mean your life will be trouble free, but it does mean that He will give you the strength to endure the trials you face.

Our God is the great “I Am”. God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM” (Exodus 3:14) He is the God of the past, present and future. He never changes. Through faith in Jesus, whether you live or whether you die, you win.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 20:31). 

Gloria Dei! 

By Christine



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