My Inspiration

But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that(1Corinthians 7:7)


Author with granddaughter Alexis

My writing ability is a God given gift. There are many different life situations which inspire me to write. I always keep my Bible and concordance handy. As I search the scriptures for answers and guidance from God’s word, my faith is strengthened and I feel closely connected to God as I write.

I was brought to baptism by my parents on April 23, 1950. I was one month old. My baptism day is very special to me. It is the day I became a member of God’s family. Through Baptism we receive faith through the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sins, and we are adopted into the family of God.

 Many people feel that baptism is our commitment to God. They opt to let their children choose to be baptized when they are old enough to understand and make their own choice. On the contrary – Baptism is God’s commitment to us. It is his promise to us that we belong to him and he will never leave us. Through baptism, (the water connected to the Word) our sins are forgiven, we become members of God’s family, and the Holy Spirit ignites faith in our hearts. Baptism is not just plain water, but it is water used by God’s command and connected with God’s Word… For without God’s Word the water is just plain water and not Baptism. But with this Word it is Baptism, that is, a gracious water of life and a washing of rebirth by the Holy Spirit. (Luther’s Catechism pg.9)

My Baptism was just the beginning of my relationship with God. My religious knowledge comes from a lifetime of attending Christian schools – from the first grade through my first and only year of college. Beginning in the first grade, I was taught to memorize scripture. I learned the books of the Bible and can still recite them. I memorized the Ten Commandments from Luther’s Small Catechism. I also memorized the creeds and I learned to praise God in song.

Each school day began with devotion and a Bible History Lesson. The Holy Spirit gives us faith not only through Baptism, but through the word. All those childhood and teen years while I thought I was simply learning memory work and doing my Bible History Lessons, the Holy Spirit was growing my faith through the Word.

The WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) does not deviate from Scripture in any way. That wonderful background of Scripture has led me to where I am today. I am using my Christian education to tell others the wonderful things God has done for all people.

It is my prayer that all people would know and experience the joy and freedom that is found through faith in Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus and don’t know of the wonderful things he has done for all people, it is my hope that you will find him in my writings. For those readers who do know their Lord and Savior, I pray that your faith will be strengthened through a deeper knowledge of Scripture.

God’s richest blessing to all who read.

In His holy name,


2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hi, Christine,
    Please tell me where you found the image/statue on your blog “Jesus Loves the Children.” I would like to put one just like it in our front lawn.

    • If it is the one I am thinking of, it is actually a photo that was taken by my mother. I am not sure where it was taken. I am on vacation right now and don’t have good wifi here but can check into it further when I get home.

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